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Show Me The Tight Rope

LOOK the tightropeTIGHTROPE walker‘Show Me The Tight Rope’ means that if you ask the experienced performer on the tight-rope

Did he have to learn his skills, or was he born with them? He will say to you, “OF COURSE I had to learn them”.

Ask him if he had to invest time and money, and he will say, “OF COURSE I did”

Ask him to show you how to do it and he will say, “OF COURSE but you will have to practise LOTS before you can earn money like me!”

The Tight Rope is the Time and Effort needed to develop the skills – Not the rope itself!

So, if you ask me for advice by saying “Show Me The Tight Rope”, I’ll ask YOU if you have

*Decided what it is you’d like to do?

* What line of business?

* And have you done your homework?

“HOMEWORK!!”… “What homework??”

Have you done your preparation…?

Tightrope bank card 2Tightrope Bank Card

Have you set up your bank account(s) and bought your picnic basket yet ?Tightrope Picnic Beach

** Right!    Down to business… but remember… DON’t LOOK DOWN!!

** You can only look forward to the benefits of an Internet Lifestyle if you are prepared to look carefully for the right programme and then put the work and focus into it until you see results.

YOU WILL SEE RESULTS because the Internet DOES WORK!

Stop watchHowever, the extent of your earnings will depend on the effort you put into studying and implementing the known and well proven methods. Remember that millions of people buy things via the Internet so if you set up an attractive site (your shop) you will only need to get people effectively walking through your door if you want them to buy from YOU!

Just as with off-line business, you will need to pay attention to the psychology of people and their buying habits… including your own, if you want to keep on improving sales and your revenue/profit figures.

If you want the lifestyle, you will definitely be able to achieve it with a little bit of investment (very small compared with off-line) and a considerable amount of time… the good things take time, typically six months to see promising results, so get started NOW!


100TrPeople need time to learn about YOU (Marketing) and trust you in the marketplace if they are going to give you their hard-earned money. So let them get to know you before you start SELLING to them. If they find you engaging, perhaps a little REAL instead of being faceless and formal, they will more quickly come round to liking you and liking what you stand for… then they will actually look at your products and services, no Tight-Rope needed. PHEW!!

It helps if you happen to have a source of income to keep you going while you ‘woo’ your new business customers, so take a look at the other online benefits waiting for you.

Here they are… systems specifically designed to make you money with very little daily effort… here are the links to a couple of them, come back to me if you need more information:


Did I hear you say “Show Me The Tight Rope and I’ll get started!”?

Okay, here’s an EASY START FOR YOU. This will teach you lots and You Will Definitely Earn Money

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