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New Thinking Wins The Day

Last year I used to think that it was necessary to create a video that was perfect if it was going to be watched and, more importantly, to be acted on. Whenever I want to get someone signed up to a new system, I simply stop worrying about perfection because I know that my New Thinking Wins The Day!

Now I realize that you can make a video that has imperfections and it is watched just as enthusiastically by people who are only interested in you and your product or service, they don’t give a damn about mistakes or the sound of your voice!

So relax and tell your story, that’s what everybody wants to hear. The more natural you are(true to yourself), the better it comes across and the more followers you’ll attract.

However, there are many things you can do to impress your viewer, one such thing is to be open and to always tell the truth, even if it makes you look a bit silly!

Another thing is to allow a fewquiet’ moments; you don’t have to keep chattering-on to make people pay attention; the odd pause for breath helps punctuate the script, even the occasional slurp of your coffee can help you come across as ‘real’.

Would you buy freshly chopped logs for your wood burner from the chap in this picture if he was competitively priced with his logs, but had a stutter and walked with a limp? Of course you would. In fact you might choose him over others who were more polished and slick.

You don’t need me to tell you how to select and trust the right supplier in anything, simply let your life experiences determine the truth…learn to trust because New Thinking Wins The Day.