Mandarin for Beginners

Helllo Nin Hao

Mandarin for Beginners

A new challenge for a new life –

“Speaking Mandarin”


Yichen Wright Chinese TutorHello, I’m Yichen Wright.

I will be your main tutor… a native Mandarin speaker,

born and brought up in China.



I think there is a STRONG possibility that in less than five years time you could (if you choose)  be living in China and running English courses for Chinese people, just as I am running Chinese courses here in England.

With that challenge in mind, I would like to get to know you a little more and start helping you understand the fundamentals of Mandarin as a language and the Chinese Culture in which it is set.

There are so many reasons why people are now wanting to learn Chinese, here are just a few reasons that I can think of…Chinese Ornate design


1. To work in China

2. To visit China on a holiday or student visit

3. To operate a business in China

4. To communicate effectively with Chinese friends and relativesMandarin Oranges

5. You might be in junior school  and your parents are wanting you to do well in your school-work by stretching your mind a little.

6. Alternatively, you could be at university and needing to polish- off your specialist subject of Mandarin by checking your performance with a native Chinese person.


Whatever your reasons, please be assured that I will give you my undivided attention as your tutor to help you achieve your goals.Panda


Young or older, you can learn a new language and develop new skills for life with Wright- Language.