China Colourful

The Mandarin Language Grows Mightier Every Day. It  is full of expression and is deeply driven by Chinese culture, spanning many thousands of years. It has, however,  been transformed relatively recently into what we now know as the modern version. Traditional Chinese language has, to a great extent, been ‘calmed’ to make life a little easier (I’m sure) on people from English-speaking nations!


Here in the United Kingdom, we pride ourselves with our own beautiful language but it makes us a little lazy when it comes to tackling the languages of others, such as Mandarin Chinese. Nevertheless, we have an ever increasing need to study and perform in Mandarin as the world’s second largest economy widens it’s stride towards greater influence abroad.


Forward thinkers in the current generations of British people (for example) will need to have a smattering of Mandarin in their lifetime, if only to realise what changes are inevitable in global business and commerce, political power-shifts and the price of rice!China in Space Further generations of English-speaking citizens will, no doubt, have an even greater need to be fluent in Mandarin. They will have to be more directly involved in negotiations with China if they are to hold on to current levels of influence while steering earthlings far out into space, for this (I forecast) is where the next world war will be fought and won.


OUR NEW LANDThat’s NOT to say things will be MORE difficult, in fact it’s not likely to be more challenging than it is today with democracy struggling for its birthright throughout the world. Just like trying to describe the main difficulties learning Mandarin compared with learning English… it’s not the difficulty so much as the multi-faceted differences! The differences in language start with the people and end with the flag that represents those people.  There will, I guess, be a softening of attitude towards the winning of space territory if only because we all need each other in the end.


Similar to winning a very important race, is the learning of a different language, it is not much good keeping the news to yourself…Read the news

The whole point of accepting a challenge, and showing that you can rise to that challenge, is to show your challengers you have conquered it and have had enough capability and time to tell the story in your own language, AND IN THEIRS!