S&V TEABreaking down barriers to change on the movie screen many years ago, enabled a major box office bonanza. Sex and Violence has been a major money spinner ever since – but it is not everyone’s cup of tea!

‘Vex and Silence’ is more for me; but there again, I think everything should to be tested before it is offered for public consumption… including Online Money-Making Systems like Traffic Monsoon.

Luckily, Traffic Monsoon has been thoroughly exercised and vetted, proven and voted ‘outstanding’ for its performance, reliability and appeal across the board. The only people it shocks are those who don’t expect it to produce life-changing results or personal incomes well in excess of six figures per year.

Traffic Monsoon is a winner in its league of elite revenue sharing businesses online. It’s up there with Real Madrid and Manchester United!

I have the privilege of inviting ordinary (tea drinking) people to demonstrate the capabilities of Traffic Monsoon – just imagine Wilbur and Orville Wright doing this for you with their flying contraption at Kitty Hawk in 1904! That might be you on the wing- and look how many miles ahead of the rest you would be by now!

Wright Brothers


Flying, it’s come a long way!


Then came the Internet…

Now you can simply earn your living with ease after…


>>> A quick demonstration of Traffic Monsoon.<<<


RelaxingYou will be able to dedicate 10 minutes of your calm and relaxing day to clicking just 10 online advertisements, sitting back in Virgin-like First Class Comfort, with your favourite drink at your side, while you watch the latest Sex and Violence film at 60,000 feet – unless you prefer a comedy with smoked salmon sandwiches of course?

If you are a virgin to clicking on red links (like the one above), please consider the following…

** Where would we be if Wilbur and Orville Wright hadn’t persevered
with the challenge of flying a heavier than air machine? **

**  “One day I’ll be the pilot of a Jumbo-Jet carrying over 500 people and their luggage for a two-week holiday in the sun”… mmnn!! **

** “I’m going to earn enough money to be financially free for the rest of my life” **Tea 2

** “My children and the rest of my family will want for nothing if I take this challenge!”

** “This is much more likely than being able to travel to Mars in my lifetime!” **

** “Where’s that RED LINK?”   “I want to join Traffic Monsoon and start making money”

** No matter what film you like, your choice of drink or how you prefer to make your income, Traffic Monsoon has something for everybody – including you!

** Cheers and Welcome to a much easier life with plenty of holidays and whatever else you fancy!