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Your Fitness

Posted by Harry Wright on January 17, 2012
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Having a DREAM ABOUT SUPER FITNESS isn’t out of the ordinary and having the ablility to improve YOUR FITNESS is certainly a reality… especially if you read this FREE e-Book.

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I Had A Dream!

Posted by Harry Wright on October 5, 2011
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WELCOME – to the wonderful world of  REALISTIC DREAMS!!

People say  “I had a dream…”

They are talking about an event which happened in their sleep last night; they are either intrigued or worried about the details and how it might impact their days, weeks or years to come. To some extent they believe or ‘want to believe’ the scenario. If it is positive they’d like to wait for the outcome. If the details were somewhat negative, they would rather forget everything about it and wait for a better dream tomorrow night!


DREAMS... A bit like children, it’s good to have ’em .. providing they behave!

What about the nasty ones – (dreams that is); have you ever tried to analyse them?

The whole subject is strewn with old wife’s tales and vague recollections about the meaning of certain types of dream.However, I should also mention the romantic element and how it can off-set fears and frustrations about the unknown.

Hey! You don’t have to be asleep to have dreams, as you know they can come to you whatever you are up to in everyday life… cooking a meal, fixing the car, walking in the countryside or even while driving along the freeway at speed!

Let’s get this straight, I’m no psychologist or professional dream analyst but I have many years experience of practical problem solving around people issues; corporate business, change management, behavioural consultancy and technology defect diagnosis… not forgetting the major area of making money online.

We have all heard of someone who has said “I had a dream”, maybe you said it yourself? Whatever your dream, I can set up the right questions in order for you to come up with solutions that will help you resolve mental roadblocks, motivate you towards getting you back on track for impressive success, whatever your field.

Now, that’s a bold statement but it’s true and I thrive on being challenged to come up with suggestions, processes or complete systems to sort out your dreams whether they be Positive or Negative! However, I don’t go looking for people to say “I had a dream”

Wright (that’s my name) Answers to your Dream Questions – that is my mission!

I have set up two new websites, ‘www. wright-questions.com’ for your dream questions. It is directly linked into this site ‘www.wright-answers.com’ to display your answers.

The reason for having two seperate sites is to show you the process of analysis for finding the right questions to represent your dream with all its convolutions.

For example: You recently had a frustrating dream about paper money floating in the air, just out of reach! You can remember that it was all in a foreign currency but you had decided to gather it all up and put it in the washing machine to convert the money into your own currency!! Strangely, you were laughing as if you were playing a childs game but you woke up totally upset that you hadn’t managed to grasp any notes.

Questions: (normally in www.wright-questions.com)

Q 1: With paper money floating away in the air all around you, were you stretching out and floating yourself in your attempt to catch some?

Q 2: Could you determine whether or not it was your normal environment – Surroundings, hot/cold temperature or sounds/noises/music etc that were familiar or unfamiliar?

Q 3: Were there any other people involved eg blowing the money away or holding you back?

Q 4: How natural was your ability to chase or catch the money. Were you wading through water or thick mud in your attempt to collect notes?

Q5 : Did you manage to gather any of the floating money?

Answers: We  carefully unfurl the web of complexity to reveal some meaning to your dream and to present a valuable and practical outcome.

In this example, my practical analysys suggests the following:

A 1. Stretching out and floating with the money indicates that you have been trying to make money in addition to any normal income you may have.

A2. If it was obvious that you were within your normal environment, the suggestion is that this is something you are trying to do for you and your family rather than just for yourself, ie possibly going for a gambling night out at a casino to satisfy a ‘winning’ desire.

A3. Other people holding you back or intervening to prevent you catching the money means that you are waiting on other people to determine your success

A4. The classic wading through thick mud or water is a sign of frustration and timing rather than a physical inability to run or catch. It also indicates a degree of ‘fear of failure’. This is the feature of your dream that would account for you waking up hot, sweaty and stressed.

A5. Your success or otherwise of gathering any money from the air simply suggests that you feel optimistic and capable of achieving your aim on a good day!  If given another chance where you can control the environment and do it at your own pace, hopefully with a bit of support rather than hindrance from others, you will be less stressed in real life!

Is THIS what you were hoping for in your dream…

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